TEDxFISAT seeks to take things up a notch. Come see for yourself.

Speaker 1.

Swaminathan R.

Mr. Swaminathan Rajappan Pillai is a British educated senior academic and journalist specializing in History, Politics, Health Disability and various other social issues. Alumni of the prestigious London School of Economics and Politics, Mr. Swaminathan hails from Alleppey, Kerala.

He works as a regular freelance writer for Zee News, New Delhi and has worked with organizations such as the BBC World Service, India Weekly and Malayala Manorama School of Mass Communication.

Speaker 2.


At a young age of twenty-two, TNM Jawad is the founder and managing director of TNM Online Solutions Private Ltd, a multi- crore IT firm that caters to businesses in over 20 countries.Hailing from Kannur, Kerala, this man took it upon himself to lift his family out of a financial turmoil by launching a website designing company at seventeen.Mr. Jawad has now set up an academy to help people like him gain pragmatic knowledge in the art of website designing and develop other technical skills irrespective of their age or educational qualification.

Speaker 3.


Devika grew up listening to stories since she can remember.

And Literature became the most natural path to choose, currently in the second year of post graduation at St. Albert's College, Ernakulam. Having participated in a number of speaking competitions since early years of schooling, speaking became an integral part of her personal and public existence.The keeper of an irregular Blog, Devika has been a Feminist since the day she realized that was what she believed in and fought for was called.

Speaker 4.


Arunima Gupta is the Artistic Director and Co- Founder of 'THE FLOOR' - a premium Dance and Fitness studio based in Kochi dedicated to facilitate a culture for sincere dance training and pure artistic work.Arunima is trained inseveral Indian classical forms, western modern dance styles, martial arts and yoga.She has contributed generously to the growth of Zumba Fitness in Cochin and has facilitated Dance Therapy workshops for women for inner awakening. Every summer, she curates 'Dance A'Fair' - a unique dance festival in Kochi that brings both renowned artistes and amateurs on the same platform for an artistic collaboration.

Speaker 5.


Anand Narayanan is a Chartered Accountant by profession and an Indologist by Passion. He is currently working with one of the world’s leading Investment Banking organisation, but has been preoccupied for over a decade, studying and researching about the vast History of India.

Speaker 6.


Dr. Anand Narayanan is an Associate Professor of Astrophysics in the Department of Earth & Space Sciences at the Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST), Trivandrum. His current research is in understanding the physical properties of gas associated with galaxies and the intergalactic medium.

Speaker 7.


Valerian MacRabbit is a french author and musician who travels the world with a ukulele and a small backpack.

In 2017, he released an experimental pop album 'The Freak Parade' of which the music video 'The Man who became a Rabbit' was shot in Cochin.

His works as a writer include the horror novel Bâton de Réglisse and the travel novel Wanderlandz inspired by his trip around the world which was meant to foster musical encounters with the locals

Speaker 8.


Jayasankar SS is the founder of Oorjja, a professional ecosystem for empowering the differently abled community.

He believes that the differently abled should be taught to be independent and employable on the basis of their skills and not on the basis of sympathy.

Oorjja is currently focussed on the hearing impaired community but has plans to spread their branches to other sections of the differently abled population.

Speaker 9.


At the age of 25, Karthik co-founded Pragmatix Learning Resources, which later went on to become one of the leading career-enhancement firms in Kerala.

He also incorporates the utility of common sense as a personal development philosophy. During his free time, he takes initiative to counsel and provide guidance to students who are experiencing emotional difficulties.

To satiate all his varied interests and passions, he volunteers as a teacher of English in schools of Cambodia.

Speaker 10.


Minu Pauline is a restaurateur in Cochin known world over for her “Nanma Maram” Initiative which is an open refrigerator to feed the hungry and reduce wastage.

After having undergone formal education in Cochin, she worked at Citi Bank until she opened her restaurant.

When Kerala was devastated by the monsoon floods, she selflessly extended her kindness to help those in need.