TEDxFISAT seeks to take things up a notch. Come see for yourself.

Breathtaking Disarray

In a world ruled by entropy, not a lot of people have the talent for spotting elegance in the chaos. Whereas, some dance so effortlessly and make their way up fights of discontinuous stairs into an uncertain future. The poetry in their journey captured beautifully by the disarray.

The palette contains all the colours and the paint is still wet, the artist takes a pause to observe the beauty of his creation, the disarray of colours, of emotions, of life.

Humanity as a species has sought to find some sort of order throughout our history on this planet and through collective learning each generation adds to the complexity of the puzzle that they've been posed with. Maybe one day we'll find order from the chaos or maybe the fundamental law of entropy will prevail.

The theme "Breathtaking Disarray" seeks to take a retrospective and introspective pause to appreciate the beauty in the absurd.


There are certain rare moments in life when one can look back and see all those tiny irrelevant things for their mighty contributions. Moments of clarity such as this make sense out of chaotic occurrences. Serendipity - A combination of events which are not individually beneficial, but occurring together to produce a wonderful outcome.

However, most times all one sees is disarray. Moments when nothing makes sense. Maybe all one gets are moments such as this, maybe one must die never truly knowing, but the disarray will always be breathtaking.


We live in a world of pluralities, dancing multiplicities whether in ideology or religion, lifestyle or philosophy, health or hygiene.

Confronting thus entropy in itself requires an open mind to accept it all, but to be selective to bring out an order within the disorder. As Buddha, put it, "the middle way".

It is extremely easy to deride disorder, standing on high pedestals of propriety and pertinence. But disorder has become the order of the day and we have to accept that and make it negotiable. That way it stirs creativity and paves way for growth.

By thinking out of the box, relating it to all areas of human thought and action we can bring about a 'brave new world" where all of us cohabit the planet and accept each other for what we are. Thus embracing the disarray in all its beauty and form.